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10 Reasons My Husband is Great

  1. On his days off, he cooks ridiculously complex French meals. We had lobster thermadore on Sunday.
  2. If I sing part of a line to a song, he’ll finish it for me.
  3. He always, always opens the door for me & holds the door of the car. Old-fashioned? Perhaps, but it makes me feel cherished.
  4. If I’m doing something, he’ll get me a snack or a drink just as a matter of course.
  5. He sends me silly text messages throughout the day.
  6. He carries 409 with him at work so that, if he steps in dog poop, he can clean his shoes RIGHT AWAY.
  7. He always praises my baking.
  8. He is gentle & kind with my mother.
  9. He does all of our laundry & dishes, and he always takes the garbage out.
  10. In eight years, not a day has gone by that he hasn’t told me he loves me.

Things to Cheer You Up After a Long, Hard Week

  • finding new mixes on
  • delicious French food cooked by a loving, handsome husband
  • sleeping for 17 hours
  • rewatching old episodes of Freaks & Geeks
  • seeing your best friend & sitting around for 5 hours just talking & laughing
  • finishing a good book that isn’t even a reread

I did all of those on this Saturday & am feeling a bit better. Thank goodness for Saturdays & sleep & husbands & best friends & books & good food.

My Life in Hours

So, I finished the hour-by-hour tracking of my week. Honestly, I did not write something down for each hour. I only kept track of seven things that I thought I do a lot (sleep, school [my work], read, volunteer, computer games, watch movies / DVDs, cook). I was somewhat surprised.

My week in hours:

  • in the week: 168 (24/day, obviously)
  • at school / on school-related stuff (district meetings, teaching an after school program, all included): 50 (10/day, pretty strict about not doing school stuff on the weekends)
  • sleeping: 47.5 (6.8/night – Eek! – This was also quite influenced by me sleeping 10 hours last night. I need to be careful about getting more than this!)
  • reading: 10 (1.4/day – also influenced by the weekend – 6 of the 10 hours were on Saturday / Sunday, but that’s okay)
  • volunteering: 6 (.9/day – but that’s more than sufficient – I’m happy with 20 hours / month, which I handily get)
  • movies / TV on DVD: 4 (.5/day – That’s much less than I thought we spent. We often watch a little bit of TV before we go to sleep [20 minutes of a show / DVD], but it did not add up to an unreasonable amount, I don’t think.)
  • computer games: 20 (2.85/day – Hm! That’s a little higher average than I’d like. We had a lot going on with our game this week, but still. However, I’ll bet other people take their downtime reading internet forums or watching TV, so I guess that’s not too terrible, but still, a little higher than I’d like.)
  • cooking: 2 (I won’t even bother doing a by day for this. I didn’t cook anything during the week – one hour each on Saturday & Sunday. Thank goodness for my husband.)
  • total hours logged: 139.5/168 (I’m not sure where the rest of my time went? It takes me about 20-30 minutes on my way to school & 20 on my way home. That’s about 4 hours/week. I ran errands on Saturday for a few hours, maybe 3? I spend an hour in the morning each day getting up, showered, ready, checking email, etc., but still short 16 hours. I do not know!)

So, I guess I learned that I need more sleep & don’t need to worry about my downtime / relaxing time. I am doing well with the volunteering, lucky to have a husband who enjoys cooking, and need to not spend so much time at school. Not terrible, but not great. I think I am going to try to do this once a month to evaluate how I’m spending my time. I was surprised by some of these numbers, truly.

Try it yourself & let me know how it goes.

I am…

plagued by a cough that has my throat tender.

craving homemade nachos with olives & black beans & a couple types of cheese.

glad I slept as much as I did last night.

going to wrap presents soon, I swear.

tired of looking at houses, offering on houses, waiting to hear from banks about houses, and not getting houses.

thankful that I got to see my best friend once more before her Christmas trip.

ambivalent about a cranky post I typed earlier in a different location.

looking forward to blankets & cuddles tonight.

caught up & behind on schoolwork, all at the same time, in different areas.

looking forward to two weeks off & the holidays.

having fun perusing recipes that will translate well to being carted to holiday celebrations.

in love with my husband (always, but especially recently).

Current Loves

7 Things I Like (in no order)

  1. watching my best friend & my husband laugh hysterically & be entertained by each other
  2. learning two new words – clowder (a group of pet cats) & crocklet (a baby crocodile) – seriously
  3. chocolate chip – pecan – toffee cookies right from the oven
  4. volunteering for a worthy cause
  5. holding hands with my husband when we walk places
  6. counting down the days until a vacation & a long-awaited visit from a friend
  7. plotting, planning, scheming, dreaming

Interesting side note: Both ‘clowder’ and ‘crocklet’ are not recognized by my spell check. Trivial Pursuit, did you lead me astray?

Current Loves

10 Things I Like

  1. winning contests (a book called Happiness on $10 a Day by Heather Wagner & it’s neat!)
  2. quiet, productive, catch-up weeks
  3. cool almost-autumn mornings
  4. planning ahead
  5. the speed of my new computer & the almost total noiselessness
  6. making up words like noiselessness
  7. seeing Monty Python & the Holy Grail with like-minded enthusiasts at The State
  8. birthday celebrations
  9. heartfelt cards
  10. Chrissy’s sweet apple dip


I think the worst part about trying to cook in the week is not having all of the supplies on hand (and settling for pizza or Cheerios instead of venturing back out to the store), so we’ve been (for the last few months) trying to plan our meals out ahead of time & do our shopping on Sundays (our only day off together). It’s so nerdy & awesome & it actually works.

  • Sunday – BBQ (new hamburger recipe– awesome! – although we used leaner meat as I don’t like grease)
  • Monday – grilled tuna sandwiches (trying to use the hamburger buns they only sell in packages far too large for our two-person household)
  • Tuesday – homemade pizza
  • Wednesday – baked ribs (my first time making them, amazingly)
  • Thursday – grilled chicken
  • Friday – date night!

We always seem to have tri tip on Sundays & pot roast on Tuesdays & salmon on Thursdays, so I banned them this week. I was in love with our grilled tuna tonight (truly, toasted tuna). It was just a leftover hamburger bun with tuna & red onions & swiss cheese (and pickles if we had any) just toasted, but it was so good! I had some leftover shortcake biscuits & chopped up almost the last of the strawberries & added a little sugar & cinnamon in a pan and made easy, homemade strawberry shortcake (without any icky whipped cream).

If anyone reads this & has other similarly simple recipes to share, send them our way. Other than Wednesday nights (traditionally our “new recipe” night since it’s the only night of the week I’m not busy doing something), we try to stay with simple-to-prepare meals (although, admittedly, I am NOT doing the lion’s share of the cooking – I still like to be nice).