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Short Bits

So, let’s be honest. I’ve had a long run of not updating. Here is my life recently, in list form (because you know I love lists):

  • end of school (I cried & so did they – such a good class!)
  • two Canadian friends visiting me for a total of three weeks
  • trips to Sacramento, Southern California (including Disneyland), Las Vegas & many, many trips to San Francisco
  • too many trips to look at houses that aren’t for us
  • offering on many houses & being rejected (“Just one person ahead of you, but they have X amount more for a down payment. Sorry!”)
  • maybe, possibly, don’t get your hopes up too soon… buying a new house? We’ll see. If I was looking in a magic 8-ball, it’d say, “Prospects are favorable.”
  • being a little solitary & enjoying some solo time
  • seeing my niece a few times (always a pleasant surprise as I don’t rank too high on a 17-year-old’s social priority list)
  • daydreaming a lot
  • obsessively planning / worrying / being excited about next year’s class

Three Hours

So, I had an absolutely insane May & June and then made the dubious decision to have overlapping house guests for three weeks. Today I begged my guy to take our remaining house guest out to do something so I could have a couple of hours by myself. I feel like a real human being again & was strangely productive (although I assumed I’d sit idly on the couch & enjoy being silent, apparently flying solo imbued me with energy). A partial list of my three hours alone:

  • ate a whole small cheese pizza
  • wrote two letters (one to my absent best friend & one to my far-away pen pal)
  • finished a book & read half of another
  • lazed around in a bath & took a too-long shower
  • set bread out to rise (experimenting with garlic in that NY Times No-Knead Bread recipe that I highly recommend)
  • made cookie batter (might wait to bake them until our BBQ tonight)
  • paid bills
  • worked on my lesson plan book
  • got my stuff out / started on those math quizzes I keep meaning to write
  • worked on my wreckable journal
  • did some dishes
  • caught up on emails & clearing out my inboxes
  • listened to music that was cranked up too high
  • reveled in being alone in my house

Oh, lovely day!

A List of Today

  1. pancakes & the rest of a good book
  2. motorcycle parade
  3. farmers’ market & lots of goodies (peaches, apple tart, strawberries, rolls, cheesecake muffins, red onion, apple, flowers)
  4. long chat with my mom & catching up on some school stuff
  5. dinner & a movie with my favorite guy
  6. hanging out with a good friend & playing games & talking, etc.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Farmers’ Market by the Numbers

  • 2 – people I ran into who I hadn’t seen since high school
  • 3 – combined total of their children
  • 2 – people I saw who live in far distant countries (Sweden & Ireland)
  • 3 – gorgeous apples I bought
  • 1 – person I saw who I’ve known since she was born (+ her mom)
  • 2 – teachers with whom I used to work
  • 4 – students I’ve had in the past who hugged me
  • 2 – times I goggled that my first year kiddos will be entering high school
  • 1 – onion tart I bought because the concept of savory tarts seemed fascinatingly delicious today
  • 11 – times someone told me they adored my bike
  • 2 – former teachers I saw
  • 3 – children I ran into who I used to babysit
  • 5 – people who know my mom & asked me to say hi to her for them
  • 1 – basket of raspberries purchased
  • 30 – minutes it took standing in front of the raspberry stall before I could buy it because of the people who saw me
  • 120 – minutes earlier I went to the market this morning to “save time”
  • 30 – normal amount of minutes it takes me to shop there
  • 150 – amount of minutes it took today
  • 0 – minutes earlier than normal when I left (awkwardly phrased, but there you go)

Three-Day Weekend

So, I ended up not taking today & tomorrow off. It seemed like an excellent idea, but I had forgotten that I had scheduled a Mexican food taste test tomorrow afternoon with my kiddos (tamales, enchilada, tortilla, etc. are vocabulary words with this story) & my mom was coming into school with me today, so it just didn’t work out exactly. Despite not taking the days off, I still have planned a pretty exciting weekend. Also, I do realize how lame it is that I find these things exciting!

  • Friday evening – dinner & a movie with that guy
  • Saturday morning – farmer’s market (maybe we’ll walk over since he doesn’t have a bike?)
  • Saturday evening – I think I might try to talk a couple of friends into going out. I haven’t seen my best friend in awhile (she’s been staying in Palo Alto for a couple of weeks) & I am thinking a group activity might work out well (bowling? billiards?).
  • Sunday late morning – brunch with my mom & the guy
  • Monday – hibernate! movies, TV on DVD, board games, pizza, togetherness!

Edit: I just reread this & realized that this weekend is just gloriously commonplace stuff, but I guess the thing that is so exciting is that we both have the three days off & get to spend them together, so I am standing steadfast in my excitement.

Wait! What about Spring?!

It’s 107 here! The guy is about to throw a fit as he’ll be delivering mail in this tiny heat wave (over by Tuesday, apparently). My best friend adores the heat & is in Palo Alto. My husband detests it & is right here. Sometimes the world isn’t fair.

It’s a long story, but he actually has Thursday – Monday off this week / weekend. I am Very Tempted to do up some substitute plans & take the last two days of the week off. I have lots of vacation time… I don’t know if I am convincing myself or UNconvincing myself. Let’s make a list!

Reasons to Go to Work

  • It’s my job.
  • I’d miss my kiddos.
  • We’re running groups on Thursday morning, and it’d be a pain to get my group ready for someone else to lead it.

Reasons to Take the Day(s) Off

  • We would have FIVE days off together (Monday is Memorial Day)!
  • We could go to the farmer’s market on Thursday (I never go during the week!).
  • We could spend an entire day in bed watching TV on DVD and ordering pizza and just being together.
  • We’d still have plenty of time to clean out the green room so we’d be able to sleep in there (as it is currently largely used for storage).
  • I’ve been feeling blah for a bit (see: previous journal entries) & this could eradicate the lingering traces of blahness (they’re mostly gone, so that’s just an excuse, but it seems like a good one!).
  • We’ve finished our state testing, so the pressure is off at school.
  • I could leisurely try some of the recipes I’ve been meaning to get around to making.

Hm. Maybe one day…?!

Reasons Why I Appreciate Him

Of course I love Him, but I really do appreciate his thoughtful gestures too. I once dated a guy who made huge gestures once every six months or so, but was a jerk the rest of the time. I tried to make the rare, big things make up for the millions of small things he overlooked, but they just don’t. My guy is all about the small stuff & it makes my life SO much better. Some examples:

  • He buys me a new mouse & installs it & sets it up before I get home, just so it’ll be ready for me to play around online with that evening.
  • Whenever I’ve written something, he stops what he’s doing to listen intently as I read it to him & then helps me proofread / edit it.
  • Every day he’s off work / available noonish, he makes & brings me lunch – and has since I started teaching (six years & counting).
  • He kisses me goodbye on days when he works that I have off – waking me up enough so I’ll remember but not so much that I can’t slide back into sleep.
  • He brings me drinks whenever I’m intent on something – reading, writing, playing around on the computer. Sometimes I don’t even notice until I’m thirsty & it’s already there.
  • He’s done all my laundry & all our dishes for 7.5 years. Truly, this cannot be underappreciated.
  • He always opens the door for me. We pretend I have Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and cannot open it on my own, but really he just likes being a gentleman. I’m always baffled when women say they don’t want the door opened for them. It’s such a courtly courtesy that he does with love and respect.
  • When he smiles at me, I know I’m the most important person in his life, and if I forget, he tells me.
  • He always reaches out to hold my hand in movie theatres & when we’re walking around.
  • I get the most hilarious text messages from him throughout the day. Not every day, but whenever something happens or he’s thinking of me or he doesn’t want to forget to tell me something, I get a little text & an “I love you!”
  • He manages to stay quiet when I am in a picky, spoiling for a fight mood & just resists letting me be crabby at / with him.
  • When I am frightened by something I’m watching (often), he will stop what he’s doing to come cuddle me.
  • He sets the alarm for me (I hate doing it, inexplicably).
  • Whenever he leaves, the last thing he says is, “I love you.” Just a reminder.

I’m a very lucky girl.