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Love Is…

– making easy-to-eat nachos for your husband while he’s into his new computer game & can’t tear himself away from the computer.

– cleaning the house with your wife on your day off because she is freaking out that things aren’t done & her girlfriends are coming over that night.

– notes hidden around the house that say why your husband is great.

– bringing lunch to your wife’s school on your day off to sneak an extra 45 minutes together because she’s your favorite person.

– always, always noticing your wife’s new haircut, even when it looks the same.


In Love

My husband is my best friend, my confidante, my rock. When I saw this quote, I just smiled.

When you are in love you can’t
fall asleep because reality is
better than your dreams.
~ Dr. Seuss

However, I love to sleep & think I’ll still be able to manage it tonight.

Favorite Activities – Husband

He’s so great that he’s always on my mind. Something about that guy just makes me beam (an awesome quality to have in a husband). Here are some things we particularly like to do:

  • make up needlessly complicated acronyms to tell each other “I love you” (example: IRLYVMLAL, sent earlier this week, is “I really love you very much like A LOT”)
  • sit on the couch together & cuddle & watch movies
  • spoon both ways before we go to sleep (me on the outside first, then him on the outside second)
  • cook / bake for each other
  • find inconsistencies in TV shows / movies that we watch (her hair was over her shoulder in that shot, then behind, then over again)
  • saying “ly” when people forget to properly adverbialize (made that word up), usually just to the TV
  • play card games with flexible rules & not keep score
  • not play Clue or Connect Four
  • speak in funny voices / have conversations in quotes from friends / media we enjoy
  • send each other links via MSN Messenger, even if we’re in the same room
  • have long, chatty dinners
  • plan things we want for the future (names of children, parties we want to throw, vacations we want to take, etc.)

I seriously love that guy SSSMLAWL (so so so much, like a WHOLE lot).

Connect Four

I play this game with my husband very, very occasionally. One of the reasons why we don’t play it more often is because he feels sorry for me. Invariably, this is how our games go:

  • We begin evenly – blocking each other’s plays.
  • I think of an absolutely brilliant plan that will trap him into assisting my win.
  • He notices what I’m doing and counters it.
  • I don’t notice his counter, get disproportionately excited about how I’m going to win.
  • I lose.

I am a good strategist, adept at many games. However, something about this game just baffles me. Luckily, my husband will only play this with me infrequently, which I really appreciate. Last night, while waiting for the peanut butter cookies to come out of the oven, I talked him into a game. I was so excited that I was shaking the game as I held it. I almost had the win. Almost apologetically, he beat me yet again. Maybe next time (but probably not)!

Memorable Valentine’s Day

For the first time, I set a post to “schedule,” i.e. post later than I was writing it. I thought I’d be doing something fun and memorable for Valentine’s Day but would want a little post of love to go up. It turns out that I was half right.

On Sunday afternoon, I had increasingly sharp pain in my abdomen, overwhelming nausea & vomiting, and made my husband take me to the emergency room. Good call, since I had an ovarian cyst that had grown to enormous proportions, swelling to reach from my right ovary up to my rib cage, twisting on itself & in danger of rupturing. We spent Sunday scared in the hospital, early, early Monday morning having surgery & the next 24 hours in the hospital recuperating.

I’m fine, truly – and grateful that we caught it when we did.

The real star of the story though, is my husband. Looking forward to his three days off (Sunday, Monday was a holiday & Tuesday was his regularly scheduled day off), he instead spent virtually every waking moment (and some sleeping ones as we napped together, scared and exhausted) with me. He held my hand when the pain was so bad that I could barely speak, squeezed my fingers when, after vomiting for so long, my veins were almost impossible to find & took 6 different pokes / prods to get, read a book out loud to me when I could barely keep my eyes open, helped me shower when I couldn’t do it alone, and has been the strongest, most solid person in this mess.

He brought me a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day (he always does), but the best gift that I received was the unwavering support through good times and bad & the absolute assurance that I’m not in any of this alone. It might’ve taken an oversized cyst, scary emergency surgery, an incision the size of a c-section & two days in the hospital, but I have truly never felt more cherished & loved. Take THAT Valentine’s Day!

Current Loves

I really enjoy this Etsy shop full of jewelry made from recycled skateboards. Very Santa Cruz. (although they’re actually from Nova Scotia, I believe).

Netflix allows me to watch TV without worrying about commercials or paying for cable. I can’t help but enjoy that. I also like that, after several years of our viewing history, it has decided that my husband and I like romantic teen comedies, gritty crime dramas, shows with a strong female lead, and indie gay comedies. Pretty accurate, all in all.

I am in love with scarves & contemplating this one.

My wishlist has so many books just waiting to be purchased. I really enjoy wandering through bookstores, although I don’t enjoy paying full price for books. I take paper & a pen & write down all the titles that look interesting… and is just waiting for me to claim used books.

I also really love necklaces and have been coveting this one. This woman makes jewelry from broken china, which is awesome. However, it’s a bit pricy for my taste, so I’ll have to wait for it to go on sale.

I have been volunteering more and more at our local State Theatre & was asked to be on the board of the local Film Society (which hosts classic films monthly at the theatre). Geeky? Perhaps. Regardless, I love old black & white movies, and now I’m a part of bringing them to my local town, so I feel pretty in love with that idea.

I feel so strongly about giving back to your community, and there’s a project in my own town that encourages volunteering. Every 6 months or so, they have a day of volunteering – cleaning up the city, building homes, helping the elderly, giving your time & energy to tons of different projects in our area. I hadn’t heard about it before, but I’m set to volunteer at the next one. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

10 Reasons My Husband is Great

  1. On his days off, he cooks ridiculously complex French meals. We had lobster thermadore on Sunday.
  2. If I sing part of a line to a song, he’ll finish it for me.
  3. He always, always opens the door for me & holds the door of the car. Old-fashioned? Perhaps, but it makes me feel cherished.
  4. If I’m doing something, he’ll get me a snack or a drink just as a matter of course.
  5. He sends me silly text messages throughout the day.
  6. He carries 409 with him at work so that, if he steps in dog poop, he can clean his shoes RIGHT AWAY.
  7. He always praises my baking.
  8. He is gentle & kind with my mother.
  9. He does all of our laundry & dishes, and he always takes the garbage out.
  10. In eight years, not a day has gone by that he hasn’t told me he loves me.