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Impromptu Party

After enjoying an excellent, relaxing weekend, I found out that my best friend IS going to come into town next weekend. This meant that I had an excuse to invite people over for something absolutely random. I decided to have a Dirty Dancing slumber party where we come in pajamas, watch the movie, have snacks, maybe take a quiz on the movie or have a mini-talent show (although that will probably have to do with RockBand or SingStar more than an actual rehearsed talent)… I have printed off the inconsistencies in the movie (I love stuff like that) & prepped the soundtrack for pre- & post-movie listening. Any ideas of how else to turn this mellow get together into something still mellow but also AWESOME!?


Sing-Along Version

I am belated, but I genuinely had a busy weekend, so here we go. I attended The State’s sing-along version of Grease on Friday evening. I was thrilled! I would’ve gone (and sung along) even if only 25 people showed up (not an uncommon number of people for a movie shown there), but there were 425 people, which was totally awesome. I was taking tickets & passing out supplies (combs to use when Danny & Kenicke use them & a list of directions) & could barely keep up with the influx of people.

It was awesome to hear the sounds of 425 people doing the hand jive & see the bubbles floating over us during “Beauty School Drop Out” & hear all those people hissing whenever the leader of The Scorpions came on screen, but my absolute favorite was seeing all of the lit-up cell phones waving in the air to show support for Sandy during “Hopelessly Devoted.” I don’t know the last time I had so much fun at the movies!

Side note: I think I’m on my way to convincing the powers that be to hold more sing-along versions of movies (Sound of Music, Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Disney classics, etc.), so stay tuned!


One of my greatest fears is being lost. I hate the feeling of not having a place, not knowing where I am going. I dislike being in the dark because I lose my way. I have been known to get irritable & panicked when slightly lost (thank you iPhone for your built in GPS). In a wider net, one of the reasons I believe in having service-based elements in my life (vocationally or casually) is because they help center me in my community. I feel stronger and more sure of myself when I am reaching my hand out to assist someone else.

That said, I saw this movie at The State tonight. I didn’t expect it to end as it did & sat through the credits hoping for more details (none, sadly, were forthcoming). Ultimately, it’s a story of what it’s like to feel lost & how friendship and a helping hand can make a difference – two themes that terrify and soothe me, respectively. One of the most interesting elements I found was actually not in the movie, but via a snippet of a review I read on the movie’s website after seeing the film. It was this:

“’Wendy and Lucy’ is rated R.  It has some swearing, a little drug use and a brief implication of violence, but no nudity, sex or murder. The rating seems to reflect, above all, an impulse to protect children from learning that people are lonely and that life can be hard.” – AO Scott, New York Times

I think that struck me because there was really nothing in it that was objectionable (a couple of swear words and a very mild moment of someone smoking a joint), but I wouldn’t take a kid to see it. I was so scared for her during the movie that I had to take my date’s hand and clench it. However, seriously, there was nothing objectionable. As the girl who once forgot that a Kevin Smith movie might not be appropriate for a 13-year-old (seriously just forgot about the swearing), me not finding a movie appropriate for kids takes Very Clear Cut Levels of Adult Material. That’s not present in this film, but it is so heart-wrenching that the reality is bringing tears to my eyes 90 minutes after I left the theatre. I cannot imagine one of my third graders seeing that movie and yet I wouldn’t say I advocated shielding them from reality.

Maybe it’s just that this one hits close to home?