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Things I Like

Any recipe that involves s’mores is great. I’ve tried s’mores cookies & s’mores brownies & used the leftovers to make regular s’mores. Something about the combination of chocolate, marshmallows & graham just screams summer to me. Be kind & don’t point out that I originally said the s’mores cookies were perfect for winter. I think that combination is always perfect. How about that?

I can’t remember if I put this song on any mix I’ve sent out, but I can’t stop listening to it. (Band of Horses – The Funeral) I know I’ve included some music by Band of Horses on some mix, but this song in particular has been resonating with me recently.

Okay, seriously – 10 inspiring images of balloons – Who DOESN’T want to click that link??

Also, I doubt that anyone who was in junior high around the same time as I was would turn down this gem.


Food & Music = A Great Weekend

We went away for the weekend & escaped to wander around the bay area (a day each in Berkeley, Oakland & San Francisco). All of the food we had was deeeelicious.

  • Berkeley = Our favorite burger place ever – Barney’s! Their spicy, curly fries with ranch are amazing & the burgers are delicious too. There are locations all over the bay, so look around. They are definitely worth it. Also, technically we had dinner in Berkeley on Saturday night at La Note Provencal. The food was great, but they were oddly busy when we got there (to the tune of an hour wait when they said 30 minutes) & oddly empty when we left (four tables only). I guess 6pm is their rush, so avoid that time. Cute ambiance & tasty food though.
  • Oakland = BBQ! It’s hard to get BBQ sauce just right & Everett & Jones did! Their medium sauce was just the right blend of sweet & spicy, and their links were great!
  • San Francisco = I went to this bakery today & almost died. Everything we had was perfect! And, of course, no trip to the mission district is complete without ice cream.

Possibly the best part about those meals is that they were all reasonably priced. With drinks & tax & tip, no meal exceeded $20 per person & most came in closer to $10.

We went to the bay area to celebrate my husband & I having days off together (lamentably, a rare occurence) & because we had tickets to a couple of different shows. On Friday night, we saw Flight of the Conchords, and on Saturday night, we saw She & Him. The highlight of the FotC show was definitely when they asked the entire audience to stand up & dance to “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor.” People were screaming & bouncing & dancing. It was pretty contagiously exciting, especially Bret’s ridiculous dancing. They sort of just say whatever they want, which is amusing, if disjointed. She & Him ended their show with “I Put a Spell on You,” and it was just awesome. It was perfect for Zooey’s voice. This is a poor quality video, but I highly recommend it. Ignore the people frantically screaming. She really did nail it. I loved the band-less part of that show – when it was just the two of them. Awesome.

And, if that wasn’t enough, we’re barbecuing tomorrow in honor of having another day off together! Life is great.

Things I Like

I recently discovered the blog You Are My Fave where a cute girl named Melanie posts about things she likes. Adorable. I found three things that I am planning to buy just from browsing her site / links today.

Another excellent recent find is Giver’s Log where a young mom chronicles gifts she gives, receives & hears about. LOTS of inspiration there too!

And, linked from one of those two, was this absolutely rad Family Feud party, which makes every get-together I’ve ever thrown seem amateurish!

Last random link (FOR NOW): I am digging on the Shout Out Louds, especially Fall Hard. So catchy!

Things I Like

In fantastic news, we DID officially get & move into the new house. In less fantastic news, the internet / phone company botched our installation, so we were without our beloved internet for a week or so. Between that & tracking back on to school, I have been a bit out of touch. Regardless, let’s kill some time before I leave to meet my little sister for dinner & talk about my latest crushes.

I love that this girl makes cute banners that say more than “Happy Birthday!” Not to fault the birthday banner, but this is something that I’d display on a more permanent basis as well as a good reminder!

I love that it’s almost time for the farmers’ market. Our local market is on hiatus from Christmas – May 1 & I’m jealous of all of those places that have markets that either stay open the entire year or open in April. I’ve been reading about fresh produce & berries & bread, and I’m excited that we’re less than three weeks away!

I’m also thrilled that the Friends of the Library is having a table at the aforementioned market as an entrepreneurial volunteer might have repeatedly suggested. If you are in the area, said volunteer will be staffing it on market opening day.

One of my husband’s & my guilty pleasures is Flight of the Conchords & we scored tickets for their Berkeley show as they’re on tour this year. They are balancing out the very girly, indie live music list of shows we’re seeing this spring / summer – Indigo Girls, She & Him, and Lilith Fair. So thanks to Jemaine & Bret, my husband will not lose ALL manly street cred in 2010 (despite my machinations otherwise).

And it wouldn’t be a post of things I like without a link to some necklace or earrings, right? I am digging how this girl combines hand-tatted lace with delicate metal chains to make some gorgeous, unique jewelry.

Live Music

I know that I’m lucky to live in a town with a great independent theatre. I’m even luckier that they listen to suggestions & let me see concerts for free (just for showing up a little early & helping people find their seats). Today I’m feeling lucky to listen to live music, have my junior year (in high school!) English teacher remember me as “bright, spunky & creative,” run into so many people who comment on what an awesome teacher my mom was (is!) & be a small part of my city’s arts-supporting community. It was a good night.


I know I’ve mentioned before how in love with I am, but I will take a minute to suggest that you set some of your favorite playlists on there & send them to me. I love that I can search people’s ideas of certain genres or moods. I am always delighted with something new.

I won a little contest over at The Bee Charmer & she made a mix specifically for me. Now, knowing my love of biking music & warm weather & how much fun I’ve had zipping around listening to music & enjoying my city this spring, when she asked me for inspiration, I cited those. I uploaded the songs as a mix on my 8tracks profile so I could stream them at school. Feel free to enjoy it yourself and/or try some of my other current mixes.

Well, That Was a Surprise!

So, I fell in love with this song – Dog Days are Over by Florence & the Machine. It is delicate & forceful & infectious all at once. I thought I’d do myself a favor and watch the video (also found on the previous link, but here via YouTube in case you’re It has creepy clowns & even makes glitter look ominous. The part where they’re running after her & she trips & the creepy circus binds her with what appears to be bloody rope almost turned me off the song. I think I’m going to keep this one an audio (not visual) pleasure!