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Screenprinting or Portland or Both: A Gorgeous Question

I’ve coveted this class ever since I started reading this blog. There’s one this Saturday with spots still as open as my Saturday currently is. It’s a little bit pricy, but screenprinting! Who wouldn’t want to learn how to do that?

I haven’t decided if I should go or not. I’d be back with time to spare before I volunteer at our theatre that night + I could get ice cream at the creamery or pastries at the bakery (two different locations, both of which I really enjoy, neither of which I visit frequently as they’re in San Francisco)…

It IS a three-day weekend (MLK Day on Monday), but we’re looking into maybe going to Portland the following week to see a friend of ours (Ivan’s three days in a row off + I could take a no-tell day). Is doing both too indulgent? Hm!

What wonderful things to have to worry about on a rainy Tuesday! Should I take an amazing class that I’ve been drooling over or visit a city I really love & people I can’t wait to see… or both!?


Trying to Do It All

I know I’m not the only person with unreasonable expectations of him/herself, but sometimes I put myself to shame. Every time I hear someone go on about how easy Photoshop is, I berate myself for not finding time to fiddle around more / take a class / read online tutorials. Every time I hear someone talk about their home improvement projects, I wince and think about how many things need to be fixed around my home that I haven’t learned how to do / taken time to finish. Etcetera, ad nauseum…

Is in my inherently competitive nature? Is it my desire to be better / do better / act better / improve myself? Is it my tendency to multitask to the point of silliness? How can I stop taking people’s comments as personal criticism, and – more importantly – let myself off the hook.

Indeed, I actually do a lot of things, and I’m proud of my many & varied accomplishments. Somewhere out there, someone is wishing they could do what I do / took the time to accomplish what I have / balance their extracurricular activities as I (try to) do. Unfortunately for me, I’m immature enough to ignore that & focus on what I haven’t done. Aren’t I normally a “glass half full” girl? Bah!


It seems as though we always want what someone else has. Is that a cultural cue? I’ve known people raised in different countries who have the same urges, so I don’t know if I can attribute it to humankind or another American idiosyncrasy (hoping the former, fearing the latter).

Be happy. I read a book recently (The Geography of Bliss) that dealt with happiness. One of the author’s tenets was that envy is the enemy of happiness, and I agree. I know that coveting my neighbor’s anything is going to lead me into a place of jealousy that I don’t particularly want to visit. Regardless, I have trouble focusing on my blessings without taking those tiny sideways glances at what everyone else has. I know I’m not alone here, but I still struggle with keeping my eyes on the rightness in my life and off other people.

For example, I have an amazing vacation schedule. Truly, I am off work for a significant portion of the year (when all is said and done, literally a third of the year). Indeed, I’ve only been back for two weeks (was off for four weeks in March). However, traditional schools are off for this week, and I keep catching myself daydreaming about what I’d do if I had this week off. It’s a trap, it is.

Hundred Dolla Billz, Yo!

So, the woman who I tutor keeps giving me this $100 bill. I’ve given it back to her & refused her money, but she insists upon paying me (it’s a volunteer position). I am stymied. I have literally returned her money, but she continues to slide it in my purse when I’m not looking. How can I be altruistic when she continues to show her appreciation for my actions by paying me!?

There’s a fine line between etiquette & insult in cases like this.