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It’s a Musical Miracle!

It’s hard to identify which technology I love the most. Certainly, there are scads of different technologies with which I interact on a daily basis. I would have a tricky time going about my activities without my car, for example, and I definitely use my computers (both at work and at home) for hours each day. However, one little application stood out this morning as something special, and I was filled with a renewed love for this small bonus of living in our advanced technological time.

I had swapped purses and forgotten to take my car stereo face (it’s detachable, obviously) out of the previous purse I had been using. On Monday, I suffered driving to school in silence, contemplating the week ahead of me. This morning, on a whim, I looked up applications for my iPhone while waiting for my morning drink, and – lo and behold – there was one that would stream my library as I drove.

Now, that would have been fantastic enough, but it will make educated guesses about the music I’d like. I am not sure if I’ve raved about this (and fully do understand that I’m years behind the curve here), but I didn’t bother discovering this until about a year ago, and I am so hooked! I love that has been paying attention to what I’ve played in the last few years (previously just used it as a site to track my listening habits & for the occasional recommendation, but now it has a huge database of information about me), and now knows what songs I’d like.

Seriously, I do understand how far behind the times I am, but it’s my personal DJ & my personal DJ decided to hook it up with these tunes on the way to school:

  • The Rasmus – Guilty
  • Low – Just Like Christmas
  • The Temptations – Get Ready

So far, so good, right? Then it totally freaked me out with:

  • Justice – Stress

NOT a good way to end my ride to school, but otherwise, yay technology! Also, I find music I like being played without me having to think about it very comforting!