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Missing You

So, the busiest times of my school year (A track – off in July, November & March) are: the first & last few weeks of the school year, the middle couple weeks in October & February (report cards & conferences), and the week before state testing (usually the second week in May). That’s not to say that the rest of the time isn’t hectic, but those take the cake. I find myself struggling to return emails / phone calls / letters, and I burrow into myself at home, not wanting to do much.

I’ve had a pretty solitary 2009 due to several different changes – friends moving away, changing their hours / jobs / availability, an extremely hectic / social 2008, personal reflection, an increased focus on my romantic relationship & altruistic community efforts – and I’m not entirely sad that 2009 has been spent largely just with my husband. That’s not to say that I haven’t had any social interaction, but it’s been far lower than it had been in the past.

And, about a year after my self-imposed social exile, I am feeling more like organizing social events again (almost always my job with any of my groups of friends). I adore my husband, but it’d be nice to be able to do something with other people too. I know that my next two weeks will be absolutely crazy, but I am looking ahead. One of my best friends who, lamentably, lives on the other side of the country, will be in town for 10 days in November. The guy & I have all those days off, and we’re looking at a few different ways to spend the time. Here are some of our ideas. Chime in if any of them sound particularly appealing to treat a guest to / if you have any other ideas. Also note that we don’t have a ton of extra cash (still waiting to hear on the house) & that the only full weekend that he’ll be here will be spent with other friends who are coming to visit, so we’ll largely be looking at mid-week activities.

  • Go to San Francisco for the day. Get a hotel room. Spend the night & don’t worry about staying up late. Visit some old favorite places. Pick a new part of town with which we are unfamiliar (Chinatown maybe?) & explore together.
  • Drive up to the redwoods / Northern California (really northern). Walk under the trees. Maybe visit Humboldt. Go to the amazing beach there. Spend a night or two in a cheap motel & travel back down the coast.
  • Stay longer at the cabin (where we’ll be on the weekend with our friends since the new house hasn’t gone through & we can’t host people in our tiny place). Go to restaurants we like & maybe visit the boardwalk & walk around Carmel & Monterey & drive around.
  • Spend the day in Sacramento. Walk around the capital. Find a new restaurant. See my sister’s kickball team play.
  • Throw a party. Have a serious board-game-a-thon. Involve liquor & snacks & a whiteboard with scoring information. Maybe even put up a prize for the winner or make like Bunco where everyone brings $5/$10 & prizes are given out on a scale for different reasons ($20 to the overall winner, $10 to the overall loser, $15 to the person who came in second the most times, etc.).

I just want to be social & spend time with people (especially my guy & my girl [who, conveniently lives where my cabin is] & my friend who’ll be visiting). I need a little time with people to whom I am not married & who are over the age of 8.


House Guests

Obviously, I’m having trouble updating this while entertaining house guests. I will try to get back to normal once it is back to just being the two of us – around July 15. Until then, happy summer!

Oh, man.

After several eventful days in Southern California & Las Vegas, a la Dorothy, I can exclaim, “There’s no place like home!”

More details might be forthcoming when I am not dazed after 8 hours in the car with 2 boys – 1 completely hungover & 1 “making the best of it.”

Dark Cars & Serious Conversation

I ran to the store tonight to get our fixin’s for BBQ (have to get the meat marinading!) & ended up sitting in the driveway talking for an hour – about love, life, relationships & what makes things work. It’s times like these that a) I’m glad our friends visit from so far away & b) I wish they lived here all the time. I am trying to move them all to a place that’s more convenient for me (i.e. California). Unfortunately, we’re still limited to visits at this point in time.

Regardless, I got to hug someone I rarely see (maybe 3ish times / year) & it makes everything better.

Delicious Sleep

When I return from a trip, I like to just melt into my bed. I like to fall back into the softness & comfort and just luxuriate. No matter how much fun you have on a trip, there is something almost poetically reassuring about cocooning yourself in your own covers. It turns the familiar into the sublime.

Side note: I slept 12 hours last night.


The best part of vacationing: seeing people & places that pull you out of your normal routine.

The worst part of vacationing: being unable to express yourself adequately via text to those who aren’t with you.


As much as I like traveling, I hate packing. Inexplicably my normally decisive self is turned into a mass of indecision. I know I’ve taken two pairs of jeans, but will I need this pair? I might not feel like wearing that one shirt, so I should really pack two different ones.  Should I take two pairs of backup shoes? A lightweight coat & a heavier one?

I dress to my daily mood & I find it excrutiating to try to anticipate that. I may spend all of my time in Pennsylvania & Ottawa wearing the same outfit.