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Gearing Up

Just as I was about to sigh & get ready for another day of rainy day schedule, I saw this picture, and it inspired me to have a better attitude.

I reminded myself to smile, to be cheerful & to enjoy my students.

Then, for fun, I looked out the window. It looked promising. I checked the forecasted weather & it will be 78 & sunny today – perfect!

A little positive attitude was repaid in spades!


Rainy Day Schedule

I live in Central California. Although people think of beaches & movie stars when they think of my state, I do not live at the beach & the only movie star credit we can claim right here is that George Lucas (of Star Wars fame) went to the same junior high, high school, and junior college that I attended (although, admittedly several decades apart). It is farmland where I live, acres & acres of farms surround our cities. This rain that we have been having is wonderful for all the crops & after years where there have been droughts, honestly, this rain is applauded by the residents of our area.

However, I am not a farmer, cheering because I’ll have moist soil in which to plant. I am an elementary school teacher & rainy days = rainy day schedule. Let me break it down for you, as I assume it’s been awhile since you’ve been in elementary school.

At our school, students are allowed to come on campus at 8am. That means, from 8:00-8:30am, they’re sitting in the cafeteria, talking with other students, and wishing they were on the playground. Two teachers get that yard duty, and it involves keeping the roar to a mild din & the natives from becoming too restless. At 8:30, school begins. The kids head to their classrooms where they sit through the morning (8:30-10:45). They get a 20-minute recess as a morning break, but they cannot go outside. They have to stay in the classroom. Even if they’re playing Heads Up, Seven Up or Four Corners, they’re still mostly stationary. And so, recess passes in a fashion that is not as relaxing / not as much of a break as it was intended to be (10:45-11:05). We teach until lunchtime, but lunch won’t start as it normally would because there’s no place for the kids to go to recess. That means they stay in the classroom for an extra 15 minutes. We take them to the cafeteria at 12:30 & pick them up at 1:00. Then we teach from 1:00-3:00.

If you’re counting, if you have morning yard duty (which I do, each week), you’re enclosed in a room with 25+ kids for 7 hours with less than 30 minutes of a break. It seems absolutely inhumane. I love teaching, but I need a second of quiet to decompress at recess. I can only go so many days where my lunchtime is taken up with copies & helping kids & phone calls & oops, no lunch… before I break.

I’m absolutely thrilled it’s Friday, if you hadn’t guessed.

The worst part though, is that I’m an adult (allegedly, at least). It’s about 10 times harder to be a kid & sit still for that long. I completely understand how terrible it is for them not to get up & run around, but my hands are tied & that is why I proclaim:

Rainy Day Schedule sucks.

The Best Part of January

…is the fact that Central California is actually cold enough for me to justify wearing a scarf (of which I own many).

A Letter to the Sun

Dear Sun,

Let me start off by apologizing for the love-hate relationship we’ve had. I know that you know that I’m not fond of the heat, but it’s nothing personal. I swear! I dolike it when it’s sunny outside, I can go bike riding, and the days are ripe for BBQs. See? It’s not you, it’s me!

Now, I’ve put up with the freckles. I’ve even grown fond of them, truly. I grasp that my ultra-fair skin puts a barrier between us, and I’m sorry about that. However, we need to work something out. You see, I teach elementary school, and I just must go outside every once in awhile. Sun, I’m not even talking PE (although you did hurt my feelings when I got sunburned [again] after being out for 20 minutes). I just mean that I literally have to venture outside to retrieve my students after lunch & to walk them across the campus to the computer lab, etc.

Let me tell you what I do for you. I walk in the shade whenever I can. I always put on lotion with sunscreen in it or a full sunscreen. Always! I’m talking every day here, Sun. I’m always thinking about you. So, could I get you to stop making my nose & neck & chest permanently red? It’s limiting my fashion choices here & truthfully, I worry about skin cancer. I’m doing my part. How about you meet me halfway? Let me know ASAP! It’s just getting warmer here…

Appreciatively yours,


Wait! What about Spring?!

It’s 107 here! The guy is about to throw a fit as he’ll be delivering mail in this tiny heat wave (over by Tuesday, apparently). My best friend adores the heat & is in Palo Alto. My husband detests it & is right here. Sometimes the world isn’t fair.

It’s a long story, but he actually has Thursday – Monday off this week / weekend. I am Very Tempted to do up some substitute plans & take the last two days of the week off. I have lots of vacation time… I don’t know if I am convincing myself or UNconvincing myself. Let’s make a list!

Reasons to Go to Work

  • It’s my job.
  • I’d miss my kiddos.
  • We’re running groups on Thursday morning, and it’d be a pain to get my group ready for someone else to lead it.

Reasons to Take the Day(s) Off

  • We would have FIVE days off together (Monday is Memorial Day)!
  • We could go to the farmer’s market on Thursday (I never go during the week!).
  • We could spend an entire day in bed watching TV on DVD and ordering pizza and just being together.
  • We’d still have plenty of time to clean out the green room so we’d be able to sleep in there (as it is currently largely used for storage).
  • I’ve been feeling blah for a bit (see: previous journal entries) & this could eradicate the lingering traces of blahness (they’re mostly gone, so that’s just an excuse, but it seems like a good one!).
  • We’ve finished our state testing, so the pressure is off at school.
  • I could leisurely try some of the recipes I’ve been meaning to get around to making.

Hm. Maybe one day…?!

Spring: A Promise

It’s still cold and windy here – too chilly in the morning to really justify short-sleeves but too warm in the afternoon to merit long ones. It’s a time of transition, which I tend to like, honestly. However, these teases of spring make even me, the cold weather aficionado herself, long for a little spring sunshine.

I was looking up spring quotes for a little project I was working on yesterday, and I came across these two (which I didn’t use) which really sum up raw April to me.

The sun was warm, but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day. ~ Robert Frost

April is a promise that May is bound to keep. ~ Hal Borland

Happy almost May!

Inclement Weather

So, I live in Central California. Our weather is, by any serious standards, mild. We had some hard rain yesterday & it was referred to as “inclement weather.” The irony of that does not escape me & I was sure to mention our Serious Weather Situation to my friends who are still shoveling snow.