Favorite Activities – Best Friend

I am missing my best friend right now. Due to living in different cities & a recent increase of busyness (that seems like it shouldn’t be a word) in both of our schedules, we’re at a low ebb of hanging out. As she’s on my mind, I am going to list some of my favorite things to do with her.

  • linger over a meal and talk
  • find ridiculous things to try on / comment on / wear (outfits, t-shirts, Maltese plaques, commemorative flags)
  • watch her make my husband laugh & vice versa
  • send random links /emails that no one else will appreciate
  • plan future events
  • discuss how ridiculously cute & young her dog looks
  • share wincingly horrible stories of grammar misconduct at our job sites (newspaper & school, both of which contain people who should know better)

They’re small things, to be sure, but I love her for them.


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