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Impromptu Party

After enjoying an excellent, relaxing weekend, I found out that my best friend IS going to come into town next weekend. This meant that I had an excuse to invite people over for something absolutely random. I decided to have a Dirty Dancing slumber party where we come in pajamas, watch the movie, have snacks, maybe take a quiz on the movie or have a mini-talent show (although that will probably have to do with RockBand or SingStar more than an actual rehearsed talent)… I have printed off the inconsistencies in the movie (I love stuff like that) & prepped the soundtrack for pre- & post-movie listening. Any ideas of how else to turn this mellow get together into something still mellow but also AWESOME!?


Things I Like

I recently discovered the blog You Are My Fave where a cute girl named Melanie posts about things she likes. Adorable. I found three things that I am planning to buy just from browsing her site / links today.

Another excellent recent find is Giver’s Log where a young mom chronicles gifts she gives, receives & hears about. LOTS of inspiration there too!

And, linked from one of those two, was this absolutely rad Family Feud party, which makes every get-together I’ve ever thrown seem amateurish!

Last random link (FOR NOW): I am digging on the Shout Out Louds, especially Fall Hard. So catchy!

Gearing Up

Just as I was about to sigh & get ready for another day of rainy day schedule, I saw this picture, and it inspired me to have a better attitude.

I reminded myself to smile, to be cheerful & to enjoy my students.

Then, for fun, I looked out the window. It looked promising. I checked the forecasted weather & it will be 78 & sunny today – perfect!

A little positive attitude was repaid in spades!

Favorite Activities – Husband

He’s so great that he’s always on my mind. Something about that guy just makes me beam (an awesome quality to have in a husband). Here are some things we particularly like to do:

  • make up needlessly complicated acronyms to tell each other “I love you” (example: IRLYVMLAL, sent earlier this week, is “I really love you very much like A LOT”)
  • sit on the couch together & cuddle & watch movies
  • spoon both ways before we go to sleep (me on the outside first, then him on the outside second)
  • cook / bake for each other
  • find inconsistencies in TV shows / movies that we watch (her hair was over her shoulder in that shot, then behind, then over again)
  • saying “ly” when people forget to properly adverbialize (made that word up), usually just to the TV
  • play card games with flexible rules & not keep score
  • not play Clue or Connect Four
  • speak in funny voices / have conversations in quotes from friends / media we enjoy
  • send each other links via MSN Messenger, even if we’re in the same room
  • have long, chatty dinners
  • plan things we want for the future (names of children, parties we want to throw, vacations we want to take, etc.)

I seriously love that guy SSSMLAWL (so so so much, like a WHOLE lot).

How Did I Miss This? It’s AWESOME!

Somehow I missed this awesome website until today, when his book is coming out & three sites I follow mentioned it. Not only is the concept fantastic (1,000 ordinary things that are awesome), but there is a little something for everyone – the girl who teaches next door to you, your best friend of many years, your husband who always quotes that TV show to you, your friends in Canadaeven you. Okay, maybe those are specifically for me, but I guarantee that you’ll find something there to make you smile, and I can’t give it any higher praise than that.

Favorite Activities – Best Friend

I am missing my best friend right now. Due to living in different cities & a recent increase of busyness (that seems like it shouldn’t be a word) in both of our schedules, we’re at a low ebb of hanging out. As she’s on my mind, I am going to list some of my favorite things to do with her.

  • linger over a meal and talk
  • find ridiculous things to try on / comment on / wear (outfits, t-shirts, Maltese plaques, commemorative flags)
  • watch her make my husband laugh & vice versa
  • send random links /emails that no one else will appreciate
  • plan future events
  • discuss how ridiculously cute & young her dog looks
  • share wincingly horrible stories of grammar misconduct at our job sites (newspaper & school, both of which contain people who should know better)

They’re small things, to be sure, but I love her for them.

Things I Like

In fantastic news, we DID officially get & move into the new house. In less fantastic news, the internet / phone company botched our installation, so we were without our beloved internet for a week or so. Between that & tracking back on to school, I have been a bit out of touch. Regardless, let’s kill some time before I leave to meet my little sister for dinner & talk about my latest crushes.

I love that this girl makes cute banners that say more than “Happy Birthday!” Not to fault the birthday banner, but this is something that I’d display on a more permanent basis as well as a good reminder!

I love that it’s almost time for the farmers’ market. Our local market is on hiatus from Christmas – May 1 & I’m jealous of all of those places that have markets that either stay open the entire year or open in April. I’ve been reading about fresh produce & berries & bread, and I’m excited that we’re less than three weeks away!

I’m also thrilled that the Friends of the Library is having a table at the aforementioned market as an entrepreneurial volunteer might have repeatedly suggested. If you are in the area, said volunteer will be staffing it on market opening day.

One of my husband’s & my guilty pleasures is Flight of the Conchords & we scored tickets for their Berkeley show as they’re on tour this year. They are balancing out the very girly, indie live music list of shows we’re seeing this spring / summer – Indigo Girls, She & Him, and Lilith Fair. So thanks to Jemaine & Bret, my husband will not lose ALL manly street cred in 2010 (despite my machinations otherwise).

And it wouldn’t be a post of things I like without a link to some necklace or earrings, right? I am digging how this girl combines hand-tatted lace with delicate metal chains to make some gorgeous, unique jewelry.